The Worst Throwback Thursday Ever: DPV’s and Ice Diving

‘Member That Time Ron Yeeted His Face Into An Ice Floe With a DPV? It’s Time For The Most Embarrassing Thursday Throwback Ever.⠀ Hey gang, Ron here. Alex said he was posting these pictures if I didn’t, so I figured I’d stay in front of the story. You don’t need to read any farther.⠀ A […]

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Dive Alaska’s Official Statement on Coronavirus: Can’t Get it Underwater

Ron here. If you have a second, let’s go for a walk. First off, happy Friyay to all of the wonderful humans out there that make up our extended diving family. Despite what’s happening in the world, we are all immensely grateful for each and every one of you for being our friends, family, and […]

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Prince of Wales Dive Trip February 2020

BREAKING: DON’T STRAP IN. DON’T KEEP READING. WE WILL NOT BE ISSUEING A REPORT ABOUT OUR RECENT TRIP TO PRINCE OF WALES. DO NOT KEEP READING. Ron here. I don’t have anything to say. Please ignore everything past this. Sunday, I got back from a dive trip to one of the more remote areas of […]

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“No Tech Dive” February: Unfortunately, Not Happening

I’m assuming that I’m going to get called on this by some of our local dive family, so I’m going to try and get out in front of it, before I get called a hypocrite. (For the record, I am a hypocrite, but I feel I deserve a pass in this particular situation). Pull up a […]

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Just. Go. Diving. (And How Last Night, We Betrayed Our Cornerstone Value)

Just. Go. Diving. (And How Last Night, We Betrayed Our Cornerstone Value) Apology time. Last night, we made a massive mistake. Well, at least, I made a massive mistake. Grab a chair… Yesterday, we started a GUE Technical Diver 1 course. For the last two days, we’ve had friends and family from all over North […]

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The Myth and Magic of Misery Mountain: A Diving Report

The Myth and Magic of Misery Mountain: A Diving Report So, pull up a chair. This is a dive report of the exploration dive we did this week, and probably the most challenging dive I’ve ever done. The site was a pinnacle in the middle of Resurrection Bay. It started in around 100 feet of […]

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2019 Black Friday and Small Biz Saturday Sales

BLACK FRIDAY STARTS MEOW. Yeah, we know it’s just Wednesday. Buy ANY drysuit and get a free, in-stock undergarment Spend $2,019 or more, and get a punch card for 2020 cubic feet of nitrox to send you into the New Year! ? ?(That’s $400) Buy ANY AI computer, and you can buy a transmitter too! […]

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September 2019 State of the Union Address

Congratulations, Cameron Miller! He did the thing! Cameron Miller has attained his Global Underwater Explorers instructor rating! Light the beacons, sound the gongs, and we’re not trying to stoke his ego, but Cameron earned every last bit of this through his hard work and commitment to the Alaska diving community. His resume includes: Can teach Fundamentals, […]

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Eight Invades Alaska

The “What, When, Where, Why, and How” for Eight’s Takeover of Dive Alaska What: Eight’s Takeover of Dive Alaska is a lunatic endeavor for only the most intrepid divers, and will be whatever you want it to be: from spearfishing, recreational and technical diving, to exploration, and ice diving. We will have access to a […]

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Tech 1 with Guy Shockey and Dive Alaska

The “What, When, Where, Why, and How” for Tech 1 with Guy Shockey in January 2020. What: GUE Technical Diver 1 is a six-day course aimed at extending divers range to the 170 ft. mark while accruing up to 30 minutes of decompression, using team strategies, equipment, deco gases and trimix to safely plan these […]

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