Experience the best in scuba diving, right here in Alaska.

Dive Training

Whether you are new to scuba diving, interested in renewing your scuba certification, or ready to take your diving to the next level, we’ve got a course for you. Choose to complete your training in Alaska, or we can refer you to your favorite warm-water destination to finish your certification!

Get Started

New to scuba diving? No problem! We will walk you through which courses to take, which equipment to rent or buy, and where to go to begin your diving journey.

Alaska Diving

Take a trip out of Resurrection Bay or your favorite Alaska scuba diving spot with us! We are always down to come alongside you and your dive buddies as professional guides on a dive trip. The incredible, invertebrate life in our pristine Alaskan waters are something you won't want to miss.

Why Dive Alaska?

Alaska has some of the best cold-water diving in the world! Get up close and personal with sea stars, anemones, rockfish, octopus, sea lions, and much more. We mainly dive in Resurrection Bay and Prince William Sound, two wonder-rich bodies of water teeming with life and bio-diversity.