Dive Alaska Mail-In Forms, Releases, & Waivers

Life comes at us fast, and things get lost, paperwork gets shuffled, and sometimes nobody did anything wrong. Stuff happens. We get it.

That’s what this page is for. Please find the following waivers and forms, and use them accordingly. Most are fillable online, can be “printed” from your phone, desktop, or physically to a printer, and either signed physically, or signed on your phone, and then emailed to us.

Forms & Releases

Waivers & Releases Who this form is applicable to:
Diver Medical Form Everyone
Event Waiver & Release Form (All Individuals) Any person/individual participating in an event.
Scuba Diving Activity Release Any certified scuba diver participating in diving activity.
Freediving Activity Release Any certified freediver participating in diving activity.
Travel & Excursions Release Pretty self-explanatory.
Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding Any person/individual scuba diving.
Safe Freediving Statement of Understanding Any person/individual freediving.
Glacier Diving Release & Waiver If you’re filling this form out, you’re a hero.
Equipment Rental Release Renting equipment, gear, kit.

Mail-In Service Forms

Drysuit Mail-In Service Form Sending us your drysuit? This is the form for you.
Dive Gear Service & Repair Form Sending us dive gear? This is the form for you.
Enhanced Service Liability Waiver Want us to do something “off-menu”? We need this form.

For a list of our drysuit-related services and pricing, please click here. For a list of our dive gear services and pricing, please click here. If you need something, but don’t see it here, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We do waaaaayyy more than we currently have listed, but it’s hard to have a boiler-plate quote for everything.

Sizing & Order Forms

DUI Drysuit Size Charts Santi Drysuit Size Charts
DUI Drysuit Measuring Guidelines Santi Drysuit Measuring Guidelines
DUI Drysuit Order Form Santi Drysuit Order Form

Obviously, the most efficient way for most people to get sized for a drysuit is to come in to the shop. That’s always going to be our recommendation. However, if you can’t, for any reason, here are sizing charts, forms, and guidelines for the two flagship drysuit brands we carry and recommend. Obviously, we can get any brand you want, but these are our go-to’s for design, efficiency, durability, and longevity.

If you don’t have the proper tools to take measurements…. call us! We’ll send you a tailor’s tape free of charge, and can talk you through any questions you have.