Rental Gear

Need rental for a weekend? Visiting Alaska and don’t want to haul your kit on the plane? We got you covered.

All of our rental gear is capable of supporting the demanding type of cold-water diving we do here in the land of the midnight sun, whether it’s under the ice on Matanuska Glacier, or on a remote expedition in Resurrection Bay.

Please drop us a line and give us as much advance notice as possible when renting gear, especially for uncommon items. If it’s not listed, that doesn’t mean we don’t have it. Whether it’s sidemount tanks, to trimix bottles, to canister lights, to travel compressors/boosters… we can hook it up (provided we have enough advance notice).

Scuba Daily Rates

Single Tank (Air) $10 per day
Single Tank (32% Nitrox) $15 per day
Single Tank (HP133 or Comparable, 32% Nitrox) $25 per day
HP100’s Doubles (32% Nitrox) $60 per day
HP133’s Doubles (32% Nitrox) $70 per day
AL80 Stage (32% Nitrox) $20 per day
AL80 Stage (Deco/Bailout/Bottom Stage) $15 per day + Gas
Single-Tank Regulator $25 per day
Doubles Regulators $50 per day
BCD, Wing, or Backplate (or BP&W) $20 per day
Drysuit (includes hood, gloves, boots and undergarment) $75 per day
Mask, Snorkel, Fins $15 per day
Wrist Computer and Compass $20 per day
3mm or 5mm wetsuit (if available) $20 per day
Drop-In Pool Fee  $25 per person
Cleaning Fee $50

For added value, we offer all gear including tanks, regulator, BCD, compass, computer, weight, dry suit, undergarment, and hood for $125 per day (up to three tanks p/day) or $175 for the weekend. Our weekly rate for all gear is the sum of five days rental. You get two days free when renting for a week.

Freediving Daily Rates

7 or 7.5mm Apnea Wetsuit $515 per day
7mm Apnea Socks $75 per day
5mm Apnea Gloves or 8mm Lobster Mitts $100 per day
Marseilles Weight Belt with Weight $50 per day
Weights for Marseilles Belt $25 per day
Standard Plastic Freediving Bi-Fins $100 per day
Freediving Computer (Salvimar ONE or Comparable $75 per day
Freediving Mask and Snorkel $25 per day
Drop-In Pool Fee  $25 per person
Cleaning Fee $50

Complete freediving packages (all items listed) are $850 p/day, or $1,200 for a weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

For specialty items such as DPV’s, full face masks, emergency oxygen kits, canister lights, sidemount tanks, or deco bottles, please call us in advance to reserve.

We require certification and proof of experience for rental of certain equipment items. We’re not the scuba police, but we also don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Rental tanks returned with less than 300 PSI will be charged for a visual inspection, and a tumble if necessary. Believe us, we don’t want to charge for this, but draining the tanks means water can backfill them.

Late Return Penalty is the daily rate of the gear, plus 50% of the cost of total rental.

Contact Us to reserve gear today!