Gas Fills

We care about the gas you’re breathing. After all, we’re all using it too. At Dive Alaska, we take the utmost care in regards to purification, filtration, and testing, in order to provide you the best darn gas in the state.

Our methods may be unconventional at times, but our testing and track record speaks for itself. High pressure systems are a number of our staff member’s hobby, and we have tinkered and tweaked until we have gotten to the point we are semi-content with having an efficient, effective, and simple fill station for everything from custom mixes on the fly, to trimix fills in less time than it would take to gas up your car.

We bank high pressure air, 32% nitrox, and all the GUE standard mixes, including trimix and deco gasses.

For trimix, please be decent/reasonable and allow us a couple days to mix your gas. Until we get our new compressor (which should have shipped last week), we’re stuck in the Stone Ages, partial-pressure blending helium mixes. Yes, we’re embarrassed. Please don’t make fun of us. 


Holy smokes; it’s been a while since we updated this. We’ve added another compressor, two boosters, and completely redesigned the fill station. All standard gasses and mixes below can be filled while you wait. And we know, everyone says they can do that, but we assure you, we can. Spend less time waiting for your tanks and more time diving!

Gas Fills

Air Fill (up to 3442 psi) $10.00
Air Fill (above 3500 psi) $15.00
32% Nitrox $0.20 p/cf
50% Nitrox $0.40 p/cf
21/35 Trimix $0.90 p/cf
18/45 Trimix $1.10 p/cf
15/55 Trimix $1.30 p/cf
Custom Mixes VARIES
Argon Fill (6 cf) $11.00
Helium $6.50 p/cf
Oxygen $1.00 p/cf
Single Oxygen Fill (CCR 23cf Cylinder) $15.00

Note: Prices are all subject to change, and with all the ominous “helium is going away forever” rumors we’ve been hearing, who knows what happens with the price of helium. 

Contact Us and let’s breath some compressed gas underwater!