Guided Diving

visit alaska scuba dive tourDiving in Alaska for the first time can seem  daunting, and a huge portion of our website is dedicated to helping new divers (local and visiting) orient themselves to Alaskan diving. Using the resources on our website, along with a little flexibility and go-ahead, you can plan your own dive and execute it.

If you’re looking to maximize your time here, we can offer any number of trips based on your time and what you’re looking to do. Below are two of our most common guided diving trips out of Resurrection Bay, in Seward Alaska. To offer the best possible experience, we cap our guide-to-diver ratio at 1-to-4.

The Fox Island Barge is a shore-based dive, via water taxi. Miller’s Landing or other local water taxi’s can can take you anywhere in Resurrection Bay that the weather will allow.

If you’re looking for Glacier Diving, please click here.

What the price includes:

  • Transportation from Seward to the dive sites in Resurrection Bay
  • Logistics (bookings, dive plans, etc)
  • A divemaster or instructor to help show you around and help make the most of your dive
  • Some of the best cold-water diving in the world

What the price does not include:

  • Any rental gear you need
  • Transportation between Anchorage and dive sites
  • Transportation of any dive gear between Anchorage and dive sites
  • Tangibles, such as food, tip for boat crews, toll fees, parking, etc

Fox Island Barge Excursion, Seward

Group Size Cost Per Person
Private (1 Person) $700
Shared (2-4 People) $500
Group (5-8 People) $375

Smitty’s Cove, Whittier

Group Size Cost Per Person
Private (1 Person) $550
Shared (2 People) $350
Group (3-4 People) $225

Homer Excursions

Group Size Cost Per Person
Private (1 Person) $1,670
Shared (2-4 People) $1,010
Group (5-8 People) $770

Please bear in mind, that while your trip to Alaska may be your vacation, we live here! We will do everything in our power to help you get into the water, but availability of our guides varies from day-to-day, so as much advance notice as possible is incredibly helpful (and helps increase the odds that a guide/boat will be available for your trip).

As for the legal-ese stuff we wish we didn’t have to say, but unfortunately do: payment is required at time of booking, and may be cancelled no less than one week (7 calendar days) in advance. Any cancellations with less than five business days may become non-refundable, depending on the service or charter being used.

Note: Gear transport to-and-from dive sites can typically be arranged for a courtesy/cleaning shuttle fee, typically $50 per set of gear round-trip, or $25 one-way. However, this varies from guide-to-guide, so please ask when booking!

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