Dive Alaska PVD Black Pro Dual 2″ SPG (PSI/BAR)

Dive Alaska PVD Black Pro Dual 2″ SPG (PSI/BAR)

Redesigned and better than ever and NOW IN SLEEK PVD BLACK! Dive Alaska’s 2″ Pro Dual SPG displays PSI and BAR simultaneously for the traveling diver or instructor who may need to accurately communicate imperial and metric tank pressures.

Manufactured by the same company that produces gauges for dive gear manufacturers globally (Termo Industria), this 2″, brass-and-glass “tech diver” SPG comes with a swivel and two oxygen compatible o-rings.

Nobody was making a good dual-scale PSI/BAR SPG, so we made our own.

And then we made it black. It is as stylish as it is stealthy.

This SPG basically makes you a seasoned, grizzled professional diver, or your money ours.



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