Scubapro MK25 EVO/S620Ti (DIN)

Scubapro MK25 EVO/S620Ti

There’s a lot of dive regulators out there, and at Dive Alaska, we stock most major brands and are happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

The problem with our online store is that it’s maintained by people who would much rather be diving than populating an online store. Ergo, we’re just playing the hits, until we can find a better way to integrate the inventory system in our very well-stocked and diversely supplied dive shop.

This has been our go-to regulator package for the last year-and-some-change. When Scubapro came out with the S620Ti, we were initially a little skeptical about all this supposed improvement on the work-of-breathing, but holy smokes…

It’s noticeably easier to exhale on than any other second stage we’ve ever used. In with the trimix, out with the CO2. Plus, the titanium air barrel gives you all the advantage of techno-polymer and chrome-plated brass, with none of the downsides!

Well, except for that whole “high oxygen concentrations and exploding”-thing. Which is way we sell this as a back-gas package, and not a deco reg. Obviously.

Paired with a MK25 EVO (DIN), this reg is a winner from Indonesia to ice diving.

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Scubapro MK25 EVO/S620Ti