Lakes N’ Stuff


It’s lakes n’ stuff. So, almost literally anywhere. Need an idea? Check out our Expedition Force list!


There’s a number of means to get out diving in Alaska’s lakes ‘n stuff. Here’s a couple:

  1. Drive.
  2. Fly.
  3. Own a boat, or have a friend that owns a boat.
  4. Bike.
  5. Walk.
  6. Hike.
  7. ATV.

As with all things related to diving in Alaska, many of the dive options listed here mean that while you’re out diving, you will likely not have access to creature comforts like food, clean water, bathrooms, first aid, dry clothes or cell service. That means in addition to being responsible for your own dive gear, you’re also responsible for your own well-being, and should plan accordingly.

After all, this is Alaska.


Sometimes the ocean is just too far away, and so we compromise with lakes ‘n stuff. Also, exploring.

For a complete(ish) list of local dive sites, click here!

If you’re a visiting diver looking for more info, we’ve got you covered!

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