Expedition Force Dive Sites

Sites are being added/removed daily, and you’re welcome to propose your own as well!

Remember: expeditions need to be pre-approved with the shop to qualify as an Expedition Force dive trip.


If you look at any of these dive sites and say, “Hey, I’ve dove there! I’ve already explored that site!”… super! That means going back there and doing it again should be a breeze, and it’s an easy way to get a couple free gas fills! Just write a quick report when you do, snap a photo, and we’re happy to trade gas for a dive site that can be shared with other local divers.

Prince William Sound, Whittier

Your best bet for getting to most of these sites is going to a water taxi service out of Whittier, such as Lazy Otter Charters, or a similar service (you’re also welcome to call Lazy Otter and have them suggest a site). A number of these dive sites have raised tent platforms, as well as the option to beach camp, but as with all things Expedition Force, it’s up to you to ultimately plan and execute your exploration.

Surprise Cove Campground: A rocky beach, with a handful of raised tent platforms, and a promising pinnacle directly in front of the beach you land on.

Decision Point Campground: A very nice campground, complete with outhouse and a number of raised tent platforms. The rocky beach on the east side has promise.

Entry Cove State Marine Park: A low, rocky beach with enough space to stage gear.

Ziegler Cove State Marine Park: Located at the mouth of Pigot Bay, there are limited campsites, but adequate protection from any rough weather sweeping through.

Pigot Bay: Pigot seems to have the potential to have some really cool diving. All you need is a sense of adventure, a rocky beach, and a conversation with your water taxi service about what they think.

Everything Else: Don’t be nervous to call your water taxi service or boat operator and ask them their opinion! They’re the ones running on a day-to-day basis, and they may have a great site recommendation that isn’t on a map or isn’t a listed landing site.

Resurrection Bay, Seward

Due to the sheer amount of dive sites available in Seward, and the amount of diving that has already been done in Resurrection Bay, you’re going to be hard-pressed to conceive an Expedition Force excursion that’s going to get approved in Seward, but you’re welcome to try!

Bixler, at Seward Ocean Excursions will generally go wherever you ask, and Miller’s Landing Water Taxi takes us out to our go-to shore diving spots like the Fox Island Spit.

Lakes and the Like

We’re always looking for new local lakes and dive sites that have a) water clean enough to dive in, and b) are accessible to your average diver. As always, we’re open to suggestions!

Long Lake, Palmer: Located in the Kepler-Bradley park complex, behind Matanuska Lake, this is a dive site that will involve some creative planning regarding the entry. The two potential entry points are either a) through the UAF experimental farms, or b) down an incredibly steep, muddy hill.

Rocky Lake, Houston: All that we know about Rocky Lake is that there are pike in it. Allegedly, the water is relatively clear, and the entry/exit is easier than Matanuska.