Shearwater Cove


Shearwater Cove is a comfortable collection of yurts in Resurrection Bay, out of Seward.


The easiest way to get to Shearwater Cove is to arrange it directly through them, as they can provide a rate that includes water taxi and accommodation. Their rate policies are listed here, with the per night cost being more affordable the more people you bring. These prices include water taxi rates, use of their kayaks, and the use of their facilities.


Shearwater Cove (nicknamed “The Shackle” in the local dive community) offers diving directly off the dock in front of the yurts that guests stay in. As opposed to typical shore diving, The Shackle gets deep as quickly as you want it to, and has two walls that face each other and provide a variety of different diving opportunities.

Due to the underwater topography and amount of life in Shearwater Cove, you can easily do 4-5 dives on this site without getting bored or repeating a dive.

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