Scubapro Catalog

As you know, we at Dive Alaska love Scubapro for their product-focus and incredible customer service. We also are very proud to be a Scubapro Platinum Dealer, which means that we enjoy some pretty neat dealer benefits. Whatever you are looking for, we can find a solution.

On that note, every year, Scubapro ships us an updated catalog. The annual Scubapro catalog is massive (like, phone book for New York City “massive”). It weighs about three pounds and goes into detail about every Scubapro product, including complete size charts, product weights, lift capacity for BCDs, etc. It is easily the most comprehensive catalog of any manufacturer in the industry.

Now, we obviously cannot send out phone books to everybody, but Scubapro is kind enough to put out an electronic copy. It is the same exact catalog that we keep in the store, and has everything from the Scubapro line, including what’s new and exciting for 2018. We thought you might want to check it out:


If you see anything you like or have any questions, feel free to call or stop in the shop. We’re happy to help. Plus, ordering through Dive Alaska means free shipping (to Alaska) and no sales tax. Because everybody from Alaska knows what it is like to find out that “Free Shipping” usually means “free shipping for everyone not Alaska or Hawaii.”