Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska


Seward, Alaska is the gateway to Resurrection Bay. At around a 2.5-hour drive from the shop, Seward’s proximity to Anchorage makes it a feasible day trip for those who want to make the drive.


There’s a number of means to get out in the water in Seward. The following are services that we utilize to go diving in Res:

  1. Miller’s Landing Water Taxi is the main water-taxi service, and has a relatively easy online platform to book dive trips. All you have to do is schedule pick-up and drop-off times, and then show up on time. Miller’s is definitely one of the cheaper options for seeking out dive sites in Resurrection.
  2. Seward Water Taxi is an alternative to Miller’s, and is a bit more flexible, in terms of time and destination, but also a little more expensive.
  3. Shore dive around the Seward area; namely, in front of the baseball fields, or the sea wall behind the Alaska Sealife Center.
  4. Have a boat, or have a friend with a boat.

As with all things related to diving in Alaska, many of the dive options listed here mean that while you’re out diving, you will likely not have access to creature comforts like food, clean water, bathrooms, first aid, dry clothes or cell service. That means in addition to being responsible for your own dive gear, you’re also responsible for your own well-being, and should plan accordingly.

After all, this is Alaska.


Resurrection Bay is awesome, that’s why. From spearfishing, to photography, to wreck hunting, you can find it in Res.

For a complete(ish) list of local dive sites, click here!

If you’re a visiting diver looking for more info, we’ve got you covered!

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