Titanium 6″ Adjustable Spanner Diving Wrench

Dive Alaska Titanium 6″ Adjustable Spanner Diving Wrench

Note: These are moving waaaaaay faster than we anticipated. Like, we sold half-a-dozen out of the box before we checked them in to inventory. If they’re showing as “backordered”, please know we have more coming, and they should be out of production by July 2nd, and delivered at the start of the month. We doubled the production order for the second run due to popularity, so please know if you place an order to hold your place in line, you will *absolutely* get a wrench from our incoming production run.

Dive Alaska is incredibly excited to announce our very own Titanium 6″ Adjustable Spanner Diving Wrench!

This wrench was born out of a scarcity of all those old-school, hardo, salt-water spanners (*cough cough* SeaSpanner *cough cough*), as well as a lack of solid, state-side options for corrosion resistant, simple, efficient, titanium spanner wrenches.

We tried almost a dozen different models, fit, finishes, sizes, and manufacturers before deciding on this one. It’s incredibly light-weight, extremely durable, and won’t corrode in salt-water over time. It fits in the back of your wetnotes and you can carry it with you on every single dive. It is a wonderful tool for tech/cave divers, instructors, hardos, softos, divemasters, people who drive cars, ordinance disposal specialists (non-magnetic!), BoatPeople, friends of BoatPeople, and more!

If we’re being completely honest, this is  the second-best titanium wrench that we have used, but the “best” one has been out of stock for 2+ years, and is likely discontinued at this point.

So, we made our own. And it’s even etched with the motto: DIVE ALASKA  JUST. GO. DIVING.

Sometimes, the best ability is availability.

And this is a very nice, forever Wrench. If it ever corrodes to the point of losing function, due to salt or regular diving use, we will send you a new one.

Get u sum wrench. We did.



Availability: In stock (can be backordered)