Dive Alaska T-Shirt

Dive Alaska T-Shirt; looks good, feels good.

Wow. Some shirt.

Even if you’ve never actually dove in Alaska, or even visited Alaska, this shirt is sure to lend credibility to any story you may feel like making up.

For example:

You: “Did you know that moose can dive down almost 20 feet to get at vegetation, and are strong swimmers, making orca whales a natural predator?”

Friend: “That’s wild.”

You: “Definitely surprised me when I doing my last gas switch, and that orca swam by with a whole bull moose in its mouth.”

Friend: “That sounds unlikely. What proof do you have?”

You: “Bro, where else do you think I got this Dive Alaska shirt? I bought it when I returned our tanks to the wonderful and helpful staff at the shop.”

Friend: “You make a good point; where else would you get that very comfortable and stylish shirt?”

The possibilities are endless.

This shirt is made from a soft-poly, wicking, SportTek blend, which basically makes you an athlete. A comfortable athlete.

Dive Alaska T-Shirts come in any color you want, as long as it’s black.

Dive Alaska T-Shirt