Dive Alaska T-Shirt

Dive Alaska T-Shirt; looks good, feels good.

Wow your friends by sporting this nifty Dive Alaska T-Shirt. Even if you’ve never actually dove in Alaska, or even visited Alaska, this shirt is sure to lend credibility to any story you may feel like making up.

For example:

You: “Yeah, and then we had to throw our scuba gear on and sprint into the water before the pack of grizzly bears broke through the fence!”
Friend: “That sounds unlikely. What proof do you have?”
You: “Bro, where else do you think I got this Dive Alaska shirt? I bought it when I returned our gear.”
Friend: “You make a good point; where else would you get that very comfortable and stylish shirt?”

The possibilities are endless.

This shirt is made from Hanes ComfortBlend, which makes wearing this tee a comfort experience that defies words (and is eco-friendly). Thanks, Hanes!

Dive Alaska T-Shirts come in any color you want, as long as it’s black.