Dive Alaska Focus 2.0 (15th Anniversary Limited Edition)

Halcyon Focus 2.0 (Dive Alaska Gold 15th Anniversary Limited Edition)

The Gold Standard

Dive Alaska is excited to partner with Halcyon to create a one-of-a-kind underwater lighting system in celebration of Dive Alaska’s 15-year anniversary!

Founded in 2005, we at Dive Alaska have pushed ourselves to strive to be “The Gold Standard” in diving. Heading into 2020, we felt it was worthwhile to commemorate a decade-and-a-half of educating, exploring, and diving in the expansive and wild waters of Alaska by teaming up with Halcyon to bring you something truly unique.


We are gassed up to offer 15 limited-edition, gold Focus 2.0 light systems (that’s only a “one” and a “five” and then they’re gone).

Just like the gold miners who fought their way over the Chilkoot Pass looking for treasure, every Focus 2.0 light system comes with the following features, configured to provide a platform specifically aimed at supporting exploration diving in some of the harshest and most demanding conditions in the world:

  • Gold-anodized Focus 2.0 Light System
  • Gold-anodized Exploration Goodman Handle
  • Drysuit Thumbloop (only lunatics dive wetsuits here)
  • EO cord
  • 5.2-aH Lithium Battery Pack
  • Dive Alaska “Just. Go. Diving.” Performance T-Shirt (look good, dive good)

To make each system truly unique, every Goodman handle comes engraved with “Dive Alaska 15th Anniversary Focus 2.0 (# of 15)”.

In our constant effort to make diving in Alaska simple and more accessible every day, we’ve made getting one of these light systems as easy as possible: you can choose whatever configuration of light you want, provided that it’s identical to the features above. The only choice you have to make is what size t-shirt you want. Easy!

The Golden Rule

As much as we strive to be “The Gold Standard” in our service to the local dive community, no amount of excellence can shine through without the value of the people involved. As such, Dive Alaska maintains a strict “Policy of Equality” that explicitly states that regardless of race, age, creed, political views, gender, or occupation, we strive to treat all humans with fairness, dignity, and equality.

We promise that whether your last name is “Cousteau” or “Clay”, or whether you’re an employee at Dive Alaska or at a dive bar in Delaware… the price of this light will not change.

The Fine Print

There isn’t much.

  • Please specify t-shirt size when ordering.
  • Orders are limited to a single light system, but multiple orders are totally fine. You’re also welcome to call us. We love to talk.
  • Want to meet the guys and gals behind the gold? Because we’re very proud of our staff profiles.
  • Wanna get hyped up for Alaska diving heading into 2020? Take a look.
Dive Alaska LE Focus 2.0


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