.38 Special BP&W Package

.38 Special BP&W system

There’s a lot of backplate and wings out there, and at Dive Alaska, we stock most major brands and are happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

The problem with our online store is that it’s maintained by people who would much rather be diving than populating an online store. Ergo, we’re just playing the hits, until we can find a better way to integrate the inventory system in our very well-stocked and diversely supplied dive shop.

This is a 38lb, single-tank, BP&W. It’s a generic brand, which means it functions as well as any other brand, but doesn’t have logos printed on it. By extension, it’s also much cheaper than other brands, but of similar quality.

They’re very well made, and we like them a lot.

It helps you float and sink while scuba diving.

This system comes with:

  • 38lb single-tank donut wing
  • Cam bands and 4 trim weight pockets
  • Single-tank adaptor
  • QR weight pockets
  • Padded straps and backpad
  • Stainless steel backplate and DIR harness

If you specify color in the order notes, we will do our best. They come in black, grey, and sometimes we have orange, green, and pink.

.38 Special BP&W System