PADI Training

All dive training begins in the classroom. At Dive Alaska, we offer two methods of beginning your training: in the classroom, or online. Starting your path to becoming a certified diver is as easy as stopping by the shop and picking up student materials, or enrolling in PADI’s e-Learning course through the PADI website. Use the “Get Started with PADI eLearning®” button to purchase the course! You must select “Purchase an eLearning Course” on the page to do so. Materials are available for desktop, tablets, or mobile.

Once you have started with course materials, we’ll schedule the practical, “hands-on” instruction and your pool sessions. If you are looking to get fully certified in Alaska, you will join us for a weekend of diving in Resurrection Bay or Prince William Sound! If you would like to finish your certification elsewhere, you will complete the course materials, the practical “hands-on” classroom training, and the pool sessions, here. Then we will send you away with the necessary paperwork to be received by a PADI instructor at your destination. The instructor will complete your open water dives with you and issue the certification. IT’S THAT EASY!

If you would rather participate in our in-person classroom activities, join us for our monthly scuba classes and learn in our comfortable classroom with your dive buddies! You will begin by picking up your student materials from our shop, then reading chapter 1 and watching the instructional video. In class, we will discuss a knowledge review and you will complete a short quiz. Each classroom includes a short hands-on session with the gear to preview the following pool session.

The pool sessions include gearing up, entering the water in full scuba gear, and learning such skills as buoyancy control, removing and replacing your mask underwater, “buddy-breathing,” and other essential dive skills. When you are done, you will be prepared to head out to the open water for your check out dives. In the summer, we will take you out to Resurrection Bay. In the wintertime, we train in Whittier from a site where we will walk right into the water from shore.

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