PADI Advanced Ice Diver

If you like Ice diving and want to dive further from the hole and improve your skills, then Advanced Ice is for you. The PADI Advanced Ice Diver course sets you apart and garners instant respect from your fellow divers.

You need to be a PADI Rescue Diver and PADI Ice Diver who is at least 18 years old to enroll in the Advanced Ice Diver course.

Safety is essential for ice diving, so you’ll start by learning how to respond to out of air scenarios, line separation and entanglement, and light failures while under the ice.

During three closely supervised ice dives, you’ll practice:

  • Performing all the appropriate line calls while underwater.
  • Switching to an alternate air source.
  • Responding to an out of air scenario.
  • Responding to a lost line situation.

Besides your basic scuba equipment, you’ll definitely want to dive in a dry suit. Your PADI Instructor or local dive center staff will suggest other gear appropriate for ice diving, such as a collapsible snorkel that fits in your pocket, redundant air supply, such as a pony bottle, and other technical diving equipment.

Advanced Ice Diver courses involves three dives under the ice, as well as a classroom session, conducted over two days. Due to the amount of preparation that goes into an ice diving course, Dive Alaska may require a non-refundable, $250 deposit to secure your space in the class.

  • Tuition: $599.00 (if part of an existing class, or with 3 participants)
  • Rental: $175.00

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