Nick Lavoie


Nick Lavoie


  • Service Manager
  • Czar of Repairs
  • Shop Staff


Nick Lavoie is the mainstay anchor at Dive Alaska. Friends may come, and friends may go, but Nick is forever.

Nick started working at Dive Alaska almost at the very beginning, and is a wealth of knowledge on dive gear, functionality, repair, and advice. If you have a question about equipment, from regulators, to communication systems, to compressors… Nick is the guy.

Diving Experience:

  • Factory-trained technician on most major brands
  • Probably a few hundred dives (we don’t know)
  • 15 years of industry experience


  • Can fix anything
  • Hell of a cook
  • Vast knowledge of Las Vegas hotel infrastructure
  • Keeps Ron from breaking the really important shop equipment
  • Has access to little drawers that are similar to “the Wardrobe” in Chronicles of Narnia, where he can pull two scuba tanks, a regulator setup, and a drysuit out of a bin that is six inches tall

Fun Facts:

  • Nick used to be “fish-people” and managed an aquarium store
  • Nick’s understanding of airline and hotel rewards system is rivaled by none, and he is frequently consulted by travel magazines and search engines (such as PriceLine and Kayak) to help improve their algorithms
  • Is frequently wrong when discussing drysuit zippers with Ron

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