Kinda First Ever DAK Attic Sale! (12-7 PM, Thursday, July 29th)

Join us from 12:00 PM-7:00 PM, Thursday, July 29th, for Dive Alaska’s First Ever (Maybe) Attic Sale!

For those that don’t know, we have a relatively large lifted space in the warehouse of the shop that is absolutely chock-full of all manner of dive gear, cartoonishly large knives, vintage regulators, relics, mismatched fins, overstock freediving gear, a DPV or two, and more. Some of it is functional, some of it isn’t; some of it’s great, and some of it’s trash. But it’s all gotta go.

And we’re dragging all of it down and trying to sell every last freaking shred of it.

Lost a fin and don’t want to buy a complete new pair? Attic Sale. Want a second deco reg for cheap? Attic Sale. Want an argon tank? Attic Sale. Transfill whip? Attic Sale. Pool tank? Attic sale? Overstock freediving suit? Attic Sale. Extra mask? Attic sale. Cheap free diving fins? Attic Sale.

Attic Sale? Attic Sale.

We’re not giving the stuff away; we are, after all, a business. But everything in this lot is going to be incredibly cheap. We really want to get rid of this stuff, and we want you to have it.

It’s in the attic. For one day only, it will be on display, and on sale. It’s an Attic Sale.

Bargaining and haggling are very welcome. Immediately afterwards, we will have our first Monthly Mixer in over 14 months.

We love you all.

And we’re having an Attic Sale.