Kids Science Scuba Camp


Dive Alaska Inc. is pleased to announce our first annual

“Kids Scuba Science camp”

Conducted by marine biologists and PADI scuba instructors, our kids Scuba Science Camp will thrill and interest your child beyond anything thing else they might do this summer! We’ll start out with classroom and pool sessions designed to increase aquatic comfort and introduce your child to the underwater realm in a safe, confined water environment. This is a 6-day camp beginning Monday with scuba training, and culminating with a trip out to Resurrection Bay where they’ll observe Scientific Divers who will conduct collection dives and bring up critters for your budding scientists to observe up close and personal in our on-board observation tank. While this camp does NOT result in scuba certification, your child will receive a “referral” which means if you elect to take a trip to somewhere offering “warm water” dives, they will have completed all of the classroom and pool sessions necessary to enter the certification program and complete their 4 open water dives for certification. No warm water dives planned? Meet us in Kona in November and we’ll finish their “junior” open water diver certification! This years camps are limited to 4 campers, and will take place: July 29th-Aug. 3rd 2013

This is an opportunity for your child to develop confidence, self-assurance, and to experience a team-building exercise which is tough to duplicate with another activity. as parents, we’ve seen the confidence this has built in our own kids, as well as the hundreds of kids we’ve certified over the last 12 yrs. Parents or a guardian are required to attend the Saturday boat trip with their kids, and there is a medical release form which will need to be filled out prior to enrollment in camp. The cost of this camp is $1699 including lunches, scuba training, boat fees and classroom time.