Kelsey Delancey


Kelsey Delancey


  • Shop Staff
  • Director of Media Relations


Kelsey was born in Gothenburg, Sweden to a military family; her father was a member of the Army Corp of Engineers, and her mother was an Army nurse. She moved back to the United States when she was 8 years old, and settled down just outside of Buffalo, New York, where her father would take her to Bills tailgate parties and introduced her to the rabid-fanbase that is the Bills Mafia. On any given Sunday, you could find young Kelsey passing out beers to tailgaters and lighting their cigarettes for them.

Kelsey was a strong competitive swimmer, and received an athletic scholarship to Cornell University. Unfortunately, after her freshman year of college, she tore her Achilles diving through a folding table at a Bills game, and was unable to compete at the same level of swimming to stay on the team. Faced with no other options, she joined the military.

Kelsey served in both the Army and the Navy, and was fast-tracked to the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics School (popularized in the movie “Top Gun”) but fate and her intense fandom of the Buffalo Bills spelled disaster again. This time, she launched herself off the roof of a mobile-home during a Bills tailgate while performing a “Stone Cold Stunner” and sent a 6′ 3″, 230 lb, Army Ranger to the ER. The individual survived, but his father happened to be an instructor at the flight school, and Kelsey was given the boot.

Upon completing the remainder of her service, Kelsey left the military, and followed her husband to Alaska.

She walked into Dive Alaska inquiring about a drysuit class, and was hired that day. (If you don’t believe anything else, this part is 100% factual.)

Diving Experience:

  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • GUE Fundamentals Rec Provisional
  • PADI Divemaster Candidate (suspended indefinitely)
  • Dozens upon dozens of cold water dives


  • Only person at Dive Alaska who doesn’t have a grating personality
  • Usually pretty upbeat
  • Excels at dealing with the type of people that other people want to strangle
  • Planes, and stuff related to planes

Fun Facts:

  • Kelsey is enrolled in a post-graduate aviation program, and if she graduates, she will hold more professional education certificates than the rest of Dive Alaska’s staff combined.
  • Kelsey is one of the very few people who can spend extended periods of time around Ron without it having an adverse effect on their mood.
  • Kelsey is a certified pilot, with a couple hundred logged flight hours, and is also a veteran, so be sure to thank her for her service.
  • Kelsey’s husband is named Cameron, which generates a surprising amount of confusion when having discussions in shop, as there are multiple Cameron’s in the community.

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