Kayaker’s Cove


Kayaker’s Cove is a comfortable, rustic lodge in Resurrection Bay, out of Seward.


The easiest way to get to Kayaker’s Cove is through pick-up and drop-off through a water taxi service. You need to pre-arrange accommodations through Kayaker’s Cove. At $25 p/night in a shared, hostel-style bunkhouse, it’s an incredibly affordable place to spend a weekend.


Kayaker’s Cove is very rustic, and very laid-back. There is rarely cell reception and it’s peaceful. The diving is OK, with max depths hitting 40 ft, and offers smaller invertebrate life, greenling, and interesting rock structure. On warmer days, you can swim in Kayaker’s Cove without a wetsuit.

If you have time, rent a kayak, and paddle to the back of Humpy Cove. There is a secluded waterfall pool tucked back up the stream that has gin-clear water and is absolutely beautiful.

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