June 2020 Freediving, Spearfishing, Dive Shopping Update

All Things Swimmy Breathy

Well, hi there! We hope you’re having a great week, and we just wanted to let you in on a couple of the upcoming classes, community events, and other happenings around the shop, including:

  • Probably Safe Spearfishing Class
  • Basics of Apnea (Theory and Practical Exercise)
  • Freediving Fun Time Tuesdays
  • A Fox Island Fiesta
  • Tech 1 with a Guy We Know
  • Staying In the Loop

We love you all, and thank you for letting us be a part of the community here.

Let’s go diving!

Probably Safe Spearfishing Class

Have you ever been sitting on the back of a boat fishing and thought: “Man, I’d really like to be diving right now, but I also want some fish.”

Well, until recently, you didn’t have any options. But now… you do!

Join us for a Fundamentals of Spearfishing class June 25th and 26th and get acclimated to all things spear-y! Course is open to divers and non-divers, scuba divers and freedivers.

The cost of the course is $150 if you have your own spear, or $225 if you need to rent one. All other rental gear is included.

It’s totally safe! Probably. Trust us!

Basics of Apnea (Theory and Practical Exercise)

Want to hold your breath longer? We won’t question your motivation for it, but we will teach you how to do it!

Join Alex and Dive Alaska for a class covering the basics of apnea training, a key component in longer breath-holding for freediving (and other voyeuristic endeavors)!

Cost of the class is $25, and is free to anyone who has previously taken it (and free for anyone who takes it in the future). Expect to increase your breath-hold time by 45-90 seconds after this course.

Freediving Fun Time Tuesdays

Want to swim around in a local lake with other people? We know you do. We all do. It is the natural call of humankind. See a lake; swim in a lake.

Join like-minded, swimmy individuals at Sand Lake, Tuesday at 6:00 PM. This is not a class. It’s just a good time in a lake. It’s also free.

See you there!

It’s a Fox Island Fiesta!

We thought it would never come, but we are happy to declare: it’s a Fox Island Fiesta!

Join Dive Alaska for a weekend of camping, sun, and scuba on the Fox Island Spit, June 27th and 28th.

Come for a day, or stay the whole time. Non-divers are welcome, and can bring paddleboards, kayaks, whatever you feel like. Water taxi bookings should be made through Miller’s Landing or Seward Water Taxi.

No better way to socially distance than to hang out on an island in Resurrection Bay with scuba gear. Bring food, drinks, and as many tanks as you can get your hands on! Dive Alaska will be showing up that Friday evening.

Let’s. Go. Diving.

Tech 1: We Know a Guy

Wanna do some tech diving this summer? We know a Guy…

Our good friend Guy Shockey will be coming up this September and will be hosting a Technical Diver 1 class. We have one spot available, and the class promises to be an awesome time.

If you’re interested, contact the shop. The class will take place from September 5th-10th.

Staying in the Loop

While we can’t speak with absolute certainty about what this summer is going to look like for dive trips, what we can say is that we will be diving in a safe and respectful manner, while being cognizant of our neighbors around the state.

If you’re looking to get plugged into some local diving, we’ve got a ton of local resources available to help you join up with other local divers!

  • We wrote an entire article about some the most cost-effective and convenient dive sites and resources for local SC Alaska divers. Grab a buddy, and check it out here.
  • Join up with The Alaska “Just Go Diving” Club on Facebook. It’s a private group set up for the sole purpose of helping Alaskans find dive buddies.
  • Follow Dive Alaska on Instagram or Facebook.
  • While in the shop, we ask that our customers and employees wear a mask. If you don’t have a mask, we’re happy to provide one for you. We have no stance on this; we only want our friends and family to feel safe while in the shop, especially considering it’s a place a lot of people come to relax.
  • Email us or drop us a line, even if it’s just to say hi!