GUE Technical Diver level I

I intend to post daily updates on our upcoming tech I course beginning Monday August 20th through 24th. Check back frequently if you’re interested in hearing about a day in the life of a tech I student. We also encourage you to post questions, comments, and your own observations here. Tech I is GUE’s entry into the realm of technical diving. Having said that, the course is designed to be far more rigorous then most other curriculum. Just to be considered for entrance into the class, the students have undergone a thorough evaluation of their dive skills. These particular students have studied under me (Scott Anderson) in GUE courses

1) The fundamentals of better diving

2) Recreational diver level III

3) GUE doubles primer

During these courses the students learned to be hyper-aware of their environment, equipment, and team. To manipulating their manifolds to effect a gas shut down, deployment of an SMB, laying a guideline, performing a gas switch to a deco bottle and many more team and individual skills. Gases used in this course are 21/35 Trimix, 18/45 Trimix, and 50/50 Nitrox for deco. Maximum depth 170 feet. 30 minutes of decompression.