GUE Gas Blender


Being a GUE diver very often means being part of the team on a diving project. One of the responsibilities of good project team members is the ability to support logistics and have skills allowing them to prepare breathing mixes for their diving teams.

GUE’s Gas Blender course is designed to introduce the essential skills required to prepare diving breathing mixtures with emphasis on preparation of GUE standard gases.


This course will benefit anyone interested in participating in dive projects, in diving expeditions, or offering support in dive centers/dive clubs, as well as for personal applications.


Course outcomes include, but are not limited to: the theory of gas blending as well as practical skills required for blending breathing gas mixtures. It covers GUE standard gases, risks associated with the use of oxygen, blending systems, and formulas and software for blending. Divers will practice blending with cascading systems, compressors, and gas boosters.

Training includes the theory of gas blending as well as practical skills required for blending breathing gas mixtures.

Applicants for a GUE Gas Blender course must:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Be physically and mentally fit.
  • Be a non-smoker.
  • For a full list of course prerequisites, click here.

The Gas Blender course is normally conducted over one day. It requires at least eight hours of academics and practical skills session.

Instruction tuition for GUE Gas Blender is $550. This includes tuition, classroom, and the gasses used in blending. You’ll not only learn how to use fill station equipment at Dive Alaska, but also be introduced to the basics of doing fills remotely or while on projects where resources may be limited.

Tuition is due at time of booking, and is non-refundable 45 days out. Full course payment is due 30 days prior to class, and is non-refundable upon payment. In the event there is a cancellation or you are unable to attend a course, all efforts will be made to fill the vacant spot, but this is not a guarantee that the spot will be filled.