Global Underwater Explorers (GUE)

Dive Alaska is proud to represent Global Underwater Explorers as one of the few shops in the world to hold the status of a GUE-sponsored Training Center. As such, our students have access to some of the most comprehensive training curricula available in the SCUBA industry today. For more information about GUE please visit their website.

Fundamentals Primer
Intro to proper trim, buoyancy control, balance, and propulsion techniques

Fundamentals of Better Diving
Read about one of our last Fundies classes!

Doubles Primer
Introduces double tanks.

Drysuit Primer
Instruction on proper dry suit use.

Recreational Diver III
Introduces 21/35 Trimix, doubles, deco, and mid-water ascents with team.

Recreational Diver II (curriculum to be released mid-summer)
Introduces rescue skills and triox.

Tech Diver I
Introduces 18/45 Trimix with 50% Nitrox as deco gas.

Already taken a GUE class but need to tune-up before being to pass the course with a certification? Want to be well-prepared when you do finally arrive at your GUE course? Do you simply want to improve your dive skills and become a more comfortable and competent diver? With our Mentorship Program, you can enlist the coaching of instructors, dive masters, and certified, experienced GUE divers who volunteer their time to help you be successful!

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