DIR Workshop and Demo on Sunday, May 21st

Here at Dive Alaska, we pride ourselves on practicing a style of scuba diving called DIR–or Doing It Right. 

The way the story goes, a news reporter was asking renowned cave diver William Hogarth Main about how his teams had such an excellent safety record while performing challenging cave dives, to which he responded, “Because we do it right!” And the rest is history.

DIR doesn’t mean other forms of diving are “doing it wrong,” but rather, is a holistic approach to diving, encompasses several essential elements, including fundamental diving skills, teamwork, physical fitness, and streamlined and minimalistic equipment configurations.

On Sunday, May 21st, our very own Scott Anderson will be holding a DIR workshop for anyone interested in learning more about this style of diving.

We will hold a brief theory and session and pack gear at our shop from 11:00 AM to noon.

Then, we will head over to Service HS for some pool drills and demonstrations from 12:30 to 3:30 PM.

We welcome divers of all ages and experiences to come check out what DIR is all about!

Registration fee covers everything you’ll need for this workshop, including tanks, regulators, and wetsuits.

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