Bruce, aka Bruce-y Boy, aka Brucifer, aka Snoot, aka Snout, aka Bruce da’ 5’9″, aka Wiggly Boy, aka Brucey the Destroyer


  • Shop Dog
  • Best-est Boy
  • Door greeter
  • Basketball destroyer


Bruce is the shop dog, and absolute best boy in the whole world.

Bruce is a rescue pitbull, and we think he’s around 3-4 years old. He’s very high-energy, and loves people, and being around people. If Bruce is following you around the shop, it’s just to make sure that you didn’t forget about him.

Bruce loves to play fetch, and will pursue those means without any regard for self-preservation. When Bruce is excited, the physical world disappears around him, and he has near-singular focus. That means if you throw a ball over a wall, Bruce doesn’t see the wall; he sees the ball. And he will do his best to run through the wall.

This is the Struggle of Bruce and is detrimental to his health, so we try to be mindful of it. We want Bruce to (and Ron firmly believes he will) live forever, and pin-balling 80 lbs of blue-nose pitbull around a dive shop doesn’t advance that agenda.

Diving Experience:

  • Thousands of hours in Alaskan water
  • Dove four feet down to get a ball once
  • Has smashed into almost every object at the shop
  • Can swim very good


shop dog pitbull bruce getting his paws patched up

  • Mouth
  • Wiggles
  • Pursuit of inanimate objects with no regard for his own well-being
  • Licking
  • Receiving love
  • Giving love
  • Retrieving objects from water

Fun Facts:

  • Bruce has a compulsion to greet every person that comes through the door at Dive Alaska.
  • Bruce views his mission in life to display the utility of his mouth. If Bruce comes over to you with a ball in his mouth, he isn’t trying to play with you; he’s saying “Look at me. Look what I can do with my mouth.”
  • Bruce has a chronic limp. We’re working on it, but in the meantime, just love him up, and he’s happy.
  • Bruce gets “anxiety barks” that are his way of saying “I’m uncomfortable!” but aren’t malicious.
  • Bruce would love to meet you.

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