Dive Alaska State of the Union December 2020

Dive Alaska State of the Union December 2020: Sometimes the Blues Are Just Shivering Divers

Hey gang, Ron here.

This is a sudo-newsletter, sudo-social media update, but because I’m eating a nice breakfast chicken-noodle soup with one hand, and typing this on my phone with the other, they’re both getting formatted the same.

If anyone catches this and wants to add links and line breaks before it’s scheduled to post… good work. And also, I’m getting too predictable.

We hope the year is wrapping up as well as it can for all of you. We will skip the tired platitudes about “strange times” and “interesting challenges.” To call it plainly, this year has absolutely sucked for a ton of people in many ways, and we’re sorry for that. If there’s anything we can do to help or make your life easier (or even just make you smile), let us know.

Staying Content (As In “Videos”)

For the newsletter crowd that doesn’t have social media… good for you. We’re jealous. Some days. However, rapid-fire for all you folks who avoid the neurosis and silliness of Facebook, IG, and Twitter:

We have a YouTube channel. It’s really just for folks without social media. And also because I go through a new phone every 4-6 months (constantly being damp will do that) and so I often don’t have a reference for old videos.
It doesn’t have the same degree of weirdness our other platforms might be accused of, but it’s got some cool stuff.

Have Some Class

We tend to do a poor job announcing events and classes on social media. And until we can confidently hold community events and group trips, those are obviously on hold for us as they have been for everyone.

However, we still have been running regular, albeit smaller, scuba and freediving classes. Alex and the rest of the staff do a really solid job of keeping our online website calendar up-to-date as classes are announced.

The calendar is best viewed in “Month” view on a desktop, or “List” view on mobile. The names after the courses correspond to a class identication course, so all the “Lumpsucker” classes, or whatever, represent the same, continuous course.

If you don’t see a course that’s scheduled, let us know. We’re always happy to make one for you, whether that’s a socially-distant Discover Scuba Diving for your wine and book club, or a private freediving course for your family, we miss teaching as much as we did pre- ‘Rona, and are happy to help.

Shameless plug for myself; I’m teaching a DPV class this week. DPWeeeeeee!

State of the State of the Scuba

If you’re diving, let us know. We miss being able to travel and visit our dive buddies around the state. Some really cool projects and trips around Alaska got put on hold during The ‘Rona, and while we understand that, we miss hearing from our dive buddies around Alaska.

If you’ve been out and about, let us know. Send pictures. Or written letters. Or telegraphs. Or memes. We don’t care.

Soup’s getting cold. On behalf of everyone here at Dive Alaska:

We’re still here. We love you all.

Let’s go diving.