2020 Black Friday and Small Biz Saturday Sales

Black Friday is starting on Wednesday and rocking till Saturday!


  • Barter SZN is in full-effect, and Wednesday through Saturday… everything is negotiable. Like visiting an open air market in a foreign country. Come haggle over anything. It’s fun, we promise.
  • Spend $2,020 or more and get 2,020 cubic feet of nitrox to satisfy your winter diving. Gas fills never expire and are fully transferable. And 2,020 cf because it’s 2020. Get it? We’re clever, right?
  • Buy any drysuit, get a free in-stock undergarment.
  • Yuuuuge sales on select BCD’s and Computers. Yuge, we say.
  • Buy any regulator and BCD, and get the octo and hardware for free.
  • For every tank you buy, Mike Nelson does a lap around the neighbor’s building wearing fins.
  • Spend $10,000 or more, and get a free Blacktip Tech DPV (because you deserve it and we don’t care at this point).
  • Sign up for any scuba or freediving class and get materials for free!
  • Buy full freediving kit (wetsuit, mask, fins, socks, and snorkel) and get a free Basic Freediver Course ($399 value)

Bonus Deals:

As a gift to those who can stomach reading these rags, here are some bonus deals:

    • Basketball gambling is back! Should you be looking for some sweet discounts, challenge Ron or Alex to a game of DIVE (like HORSE, but in the back of the warehouse) for a chance to win some awesome savings (both are pretty rusty these days, so the odds are good).
    • Wagers for DIVE start at $20, with no ceiling. Gamble on everything from a snorkel to a dive shop.
    • For every game of DIVE Ron loses, he will do something that handicaps his ability to shoot a basketball.
    • Hidden Value Freebie (for those who actually make it to the end of these lunatic ramblings): Draw a picture with the caption “I’m a Troxy Boy/Girl” and bring it in next week for 80 cubic feet of free nitrox, no questions asked.