Dive Alaska Hoodie

Dive Alaska Hoodie; looks good, feels good.

Have you ever been wearing a stylish Dive Alaska T-Shirt and thought to yourself, “Man, my arms are cold. They should make something so I can cover my arms without taking off this incredible T-Shirt.”?

Look no further!

Our Dive Alaska Hoodies offer the comfortable embrace of a sweater, combined with the reassuring warmth of a hood. They are the perfect piece of clothing to fight off cold weather, bad fashion sense, rain, snow, small-but-aggressive cats, dust, and loneliness. Because when you’re rocking this sweater, you’ll be mobbed by curious and supportive divers from all over the world.

Each hoodie is emblazoned with the Dive Alaska logo polar bear on the front, and The Spirit of Mike Nelson on the back. This is the perfect gift for any holiday or occasion and sure to be a hit with all ages. Just like the old saying goes:

“Who needs a White Christmas, when you can have a Dive Alaska Christmas?”

These sweaters are softer than kittens on the inside, and one can only assume the fabric is made from angel feathers and responsibly-sourced kitten fluff. The outside is made with durable and breathable Sport-Tek fabric.

Dive Alaska Hoodies come in any color you want, as long as it’s black.

Dive Alaska Hoodie