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Scubapro Joe “Gives Away Other People’s Money” 2019

It’s time for our annual get-together where Scubapro Joe comes up and gives away other people’s money to you, and in exchange, you get to hear about some of the latest and greatest developments in the diving world (and maybe some stories from Ron, Alex, and Joe’s trip to the Philippines).

Here’s how it works:

First: show up to Dive Alaska on Tuesday, February 26th, at 6:00 PM, and enjoy a bunch of free food and drinks.

Second: hear about some of the great new products from Scubapro and SeaLife, including the brand new HUD (pictured), the solar-powered Z1, and the absolute best undergarment for the money that we’ve ever seen.

Third: grab a ticket, and let Joe give you free money. Not his money, mind you. Our money. It’s also a chance to win some free stuff out of our grab bin.

It’s that easy, and you have no excuse not to come. Good times will be had by most, and last year was an absolute blast. We ended up having to rip the television off the wall because the classroom got too crowded. It was fun.

Let’s do it again!