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Drysuit Drag Racing and Underwater Pumpkin Carving- Halloween Diving!

Did you read the title? Do we need to tell you more? Who doesn’t know about drysuit drag racing? (If you don’t, read on!)

Join Dive Alaska for annual fall festivus, and have a blast with your fellow divers as we carve pumpkins, have a costume contest, and drysuit race!

What’s a drysuit race, you ask? A drysuit race is where one diver uses another diver like a paddleboard, and uses a fin like a paddle. If you think it sounds like an insane idea…. it probably is, but we’re going to try anyway.

We’re going to have $1,000’s of dollars in free courses, gear, and gift certificates up for grabs, as well as warm nibbles in the shack in between dives!

We’re going to be in Smitty’s Cove in Whittier from 8:45am till 2pm. Let’s go diving and ring in some fall tradition together!