Cameron Miller


Cameron Miller


  • Global Underwater Explorers Instructor


  • 1999-2003: Alaska Commercial Fishermen
  • 2002-2007: Apprentice Linemen
  • 2007-2018: Journeymen Linemen
  • 2018-present: Line Crew Supervisor at Chugach Electric Association

Diving Experience:

  • GUE Instructor
  • GUE Technical Diver 2
  • GUE Cave Diver 2
  • Dozens upon dozens of cold water dives


  • GUE Fundamentals Instructor
  • GUE Doubles Primer Instructor
  • GUE Drysuit Primer Instructor
  • Unsettling-ly large collection of porcelain scuba figurines
  • Piercing blue eyes
  • Very, very good at scuba and teaching other people scuba
  • Always smells like sandalwood
  • Looks great in drysuits

Fun Facts:

  • Cameron’s DPV uses a motorcycle battery
  • Cameron is responsible for no less than 65% of the electrical line laid in North America, and lived in a Silver Bullet trailer for over a decade. He also can fly helicopters (but doesn’t have a pilot’s license)
  • Can’t read
  • Cameron has a really neat collection of suits that you should avoid ever asking him about. Seriously.

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