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PADI Open Water Course

divers in pool (split)PADI Open Water Diver

Congratulations on your decision to become a certified diver! You are about to embark upon a journey that may change your life. Less than 5% of the US population will ever seek scuba certification making you a member of a very exclusive club! Surprising to us since 70% of the earth is covered in water! Lets get started…

Your scuba certification begins when you come in and purchase your student materials. We refer to this as your “crew-pack” and it includes your text book, a supplemental text called “how to use and choose dive computers”, your student folder, logbook, and a video. Student materials cost about $145 and will serve as your self-study component for the class. Each week when we meet for class, we will review the knowledge reviews at the end of each chapter which you will have completed prior to class. Tuition is $699 for the full open water diver certification, or $399 for the referral portion. A referral is where you’ll complete the class and pool sessions here in Alaska, but the open water dives elsewhere. This is perfect for divers who might have a tropical vacation planned.

For all those divers brave enough to truly dive Alaska, we offer an upgrade to dry suit certification for $99. This is normally a $300 course, and is a specialty PADI certification. The $99 covers rental, fitting, and pool training in a dry suit, as well as the necessary certification dives in Whittier. This deal is only valid for Dive Alaska’s current open water students.

Please note, these prices cover tuition and gear rentals; it does not include the PADI course materials students are required to own (crew-pack, etc.).

Where to Start

To enroll in a Dive Alaska class, the very first thing you need to do is come in and fill out a student folder (even for e-learning). This allows us to put you on the class roster and answer any questions or concerns you might have. This is also a good time to pick up your crew pack so you can be ready for your first day of class.

Between the time when you fill out your student folder and pick up course materials, and when class begins, you’ll come in to the shop and select your personal gear. These items include mask, snorkel, booties and fins. For budgeting purposes, we estimate these items to cost approximately $300 depending on make and model.

If you only want to do the “referral” portion, either complete the e-learning or class room sessions, as well as the practical “hands-on” classroom sessions, and the pool sessions, then we’ll send you away with the necessary paperwork to be received by a PADI instructor at your destination, who will complete your open water dives with you and issue the certification. Eazy-peazy.
PADI eLearning

Would you rather participate in our in-person classroom activities? Join us for our monthly scuba classes and learn in our comfortable classroom with your dive buddies. You’ll begin by picking up your student materials from our shop, then reading the first chapter and watching the instructional video. In class, we’ll discuss the knowledge review and you’ll complete a short quiz. Each classroom includes a short hands-on session with the gear to preview the following pool session.

We usually conduct our scuba classes two nights a week, and for a duration of approximately 4 weeks. One of the nights, (6:00-8:00 pm) is our classroom session, and the other (6:00-9:00 pm) is our weekly pool session. We feel like multiple and repeated exposures to the equipment, techniques, and procedures helps to develop the “muscle memory” needed to be successful. Upon the completion of the classroom and confined water sessions, we’ll venture out to the open water environment.

The open water dives will be conducted from our charter boat in Seward in the summer (May-October) and from the shore in Whittier in the winter (October-April). We’ll conduct 4 or 5 dives during a weekend. We encourage you to make overnight arrangements in Seward to avoid a long drive between days of diving. In the fall/winter we dive out of Whittier, as it is a reasonable drive and we usually don’t stay overnight. In the summer, our boat departs the harbor at 10:00 am promptly, so we recommend you arrive by 9:30 to load your gear onto the boat. You’ll have picked up your gear at the shop and will be responsible for it until you return it to the shop Monday morning.

Upon successful completion of the required dives, we’ll log our dives and brief you on the care of the gear prior to returning it. We’ll submit your application for certification when we return to the shop on Monday, and you can expect your certification card(s) within about a week. We know that divers capacity is built with a combination of training AND experience, so we encourage you to go diving for fun with us whenever we head out–we meet at the shop and carpool to Whittier once a month. We appreciate your interest in learning to dive, thank you for trusting us to facilitate your goal, and we appreciate your business!

Upcoming PADI Classes

Please note: With groups of four or more, it is possible to arrange private or semi-private classes.
Open Water Diver (Beginner): Tuesday, April 3rd

Dry Suit Specialty: Tuesday & Thursday, April 26th and 28th 

PADI Advanced Diver: Give us a call! Classes are scheduled based on demand, with one-two every month.

PADI Rescue Diver: TBA

PADI Enriched Air Nitrox:  Anytime!

Other Training Opportunities: Call to schedule a course or private class!