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Research Diving

Marine Research Vessel Services

We are capable of conducting or supporting research projects involving diving or marine research. Our affiliation with local universities and a staff of Scientific Divers allows us to conduct or support marine research. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) affiliate of Global Underwater Explorers, our team is capable of conducting scientific and technical dives.

dive-boat1Our dive platform is a 46 foot Delta marine charter vessel. It is equipped for 12 divers for day trips, or 6 for extended trips. With an onboard air compressor and full compliment of first aid, oxygen, and CPR trained crew, we are capable of supporting the most comprehensive dive plans. Although we are not a liveaboard, we can arrange for accomodations in the field, and support the team with hot meals, camp set up, and onboard sanitary facilities. We operate in Resurrection Bay, Prince William Sound, and Kachemak Bay.

Some of our services include:

  • Underwater bathymetric surveys and mapping
  • Underwater fish counts and videography
  • Vessel hull inspections and videographic surveys
  • “Light commercial” maintenance on moorings
  • Diver training and recreational dive trips
  • Topside mammal observations

Contact us for charter rates or custom trip quotes.

(907) 770-1778

diver2We are not a commercial dive contractor. There is sometimes a fine line between Scientific and Research diving and Commercial diving. Commercial diving includes dives which might exceed 100 feet, utilize heavy tools, or include construction tasks “normally conducted” by commercial divers. In contrast, Scientific diving is that which is observatory in nature, and whose purpose is data collection. Between the two, exists a grey area called a “working diver”. If your project falls within these descriptions, or you’re just not sure where it falls, give us a call and let’s discuss the options. Large vessel salvage, underwater welding and construction, and vessel repair and maintenance are tasks we do not usually undertake. Video surveys, fish counts, habitat studies and underwater observations are tasks which we do conduct.

We work closely with Alaska Pacific University and their Scientific Diver program. If you’re interested in becoming a Scientific Diver, ask us about training opportunities. Their Scientific Diver certification is a 2 credit Marine Sciences course available each spring. Some prerequisites apply.