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Weekend at Kayakers Cove $499

Join us for a weekend of diving, hiking, camping, good food and good times! We’ve rented kayakers cove Cabin for the weekend! We’ll head out across the Bay on Friday afternoon to Kayakers cove. We’ll get a dive in before settling in for the evening. Saturday morning we’ll have a home-cooked breakfast before heading out to the Eldorado Narrows for an awesome day of diving. Saturday afternoon you can hike, kayak, or simply relax in the wood-fired sauna before enjoying the evening campfire. Sunday, we’ll load up for one-more dive before returning the Seward. We’ll get back a little early to allow us to drive back to Anchorage at a reasonable hour. This is your chance to get in some great diving, meet new friends, and get out and enjoy Kayakers cabin and the beautiful setting for a weekend. Partial trip is not available, must be available to head out Friday and return Sunday.

  • Package includes:

  •  – Accommodations at the Cabin for Friday and Saturday nights
  •  – 3 days of boat diving
  •  – BBQ dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning.
  • – Water Taxi transportation for large items like coolers and dry bags to the cabin
    •  *Does not include gear, tanks, transportation to Seward, food except noted meals, or crew  tips.


* Due to space limitations we recommend packing:

Mesh bag with dive gear only (this stays on the boat the whole time)

Dry suit and undergarment bags (these will go to shore each night to be hung and dried) we recommend your wear your suits to and from the cabin.

Personal dry bag with sleeping bag, change of clothes, personal effects

Cooler with personal food and snacks. This goes to the shore and stays there for the duration. Bring sandwiches for the boat each day.

Additional STUFF especially loose items are prohibited as we want to remain neat and organized so please be very careful about packing efficiently. We will have to hire a water taxi for coolers and shore-bound items in order to be able to transfer them to the shore efficiently.


We’ll leave the Seward Small Boat harbor at noon on Friday. On our way across the Bay, we’ll catch a dive before pulling into Kayakers Cove. We’ll settle in for the night, then dive all day Saturday and Sunday. Sunday afternoon we’ll return to Seward by 4 pm in order to head home. We have a compressor onboard, so you’ll only need to bring tanks if you want to dive Nitrox.